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CMP Media Café provides professional media training for on-camera and radio media appearances so that you or your corporate spokesperson aces every interview like a pro.  We work with business professionals, medical and health professionals, book authors, speakers, chefs, and more providing Media Coaching Services for specific media messaging campaigns:
•    Satellite Media Tours
•    Radio Media Tours
•    In Studio Appearances
•    Video Marketing
•    Social Media Videos
•    Book Promotional Tours

Whether you're an executive at a Fortune 500 company (who needs to give media interviews but also shine through with authenticity),  a celebrity hired as a brand ambassador (who needs coaching on messaging and keeping it "real"), or a small business owner or professional services provider (who has never been on camera before and needs to create videos for your website or learn the ins and outs of how to interview on a local TV show), we will help you to get comfortable in front of the camera and coach you to a polished delivery without sacrificing sincerity.

If your company is investing a significant budget for a public relations campaign into a satellite media tour, radio media tour, or in-studio appearances, but fails to budget for professionally media training your on-camera spokesperson, your brand could be damaged and your investment wasted.

First Impressions are Everything When You Are On Camera.  People shouldn’t judge you by your appearance, but they will.  You’ve heard it said that you never get a second chance to make a good first impression. When television viewers first see you on camera on their favorite TV talk show or in a newscast, they make an initial judgment in the first four seconds and that judgment is finalized largely within 30 seconds.  A first impression can be nearly impossible to reverse or undo so you must set a favorable tone at the first moment viewers see and hear you.
We help you learn how to take complete control over every detail of your on-camera presentation for any appearance on TV or radio.  Everything contributing to the way you look and sound on camera is important and if it’s not helping you, it’s unfortunately hurting you and that's where media training comes in.

Why You Need a Former Network Television Producer as a Media Coach. Nothing can compare to having an experienced TV producer media train you or your spokesperson.  They’ve spent hundreds if not thousands of hours in control rooms coaching on-air talent through IFBs, diligently watching TV monitors to help the talent make adjustments, and walking show guests through on-set rehearsals so that their on-camera delivery comes across flawlessly. You want a producer’s keen eye, innate sensibilities, and experience to fine tune every nuance of your spokesperson’s delivery so that they nail your message in every interview.

CMP Media Cafe's Executive Producer, Marianne Schwab, is the author of The Insiders Guide to Media Training and the go-to broadcast media expert to help you or your spokesperson ace on-camera interviews with confidence and polish.  As a former network TV producer, she is highly tuned in to every aspect of the on-camera delivery so she is able to coach a spokesperson through a unique lens based on two decades of experience in the field, on the set, and in the control room. 
Her four-dimensional approach includes:
1)  Mastering the message points - so they flow organically, are committed to memory, but are not  "memorized."
2)  Vocal delivery - so the message is communicated confidently with the right amount of energy for impact.
3)  Body language - so that subconcsious mannerisms do not detract from the message and undermine credibility.
4)  Appearance guidelines - so the right wardrobe, accessories, and makeup enhance and don't distract.
Marianne helps you focus on your verbal delivery, mastering the skill of conveying your message with assurance and ease that is critical for success as a guest on television or radio.  She covers all the basics on how to look and sound like a pro and then she works with you to finess and fine tune your on-camera delivery to master your media message. 

CMP Media Cafe's One-on-One Media Coaching Can Help You:
•    Conquer nerves and be comfortable on-camera.
•    Overcome common media mistakes.
•    Master your message points to eliminate ahs, ums, and other verbal fossils.
•    Identify and correct subconscious mannerisms that viewers find distracting.
•    Manage your vocal delivery with energy.
•    Understand the technical aspects of studio, satellite, or taped on location interviews.
•    Know what to do (and what not to do) when technical issues arise (and they will).
•    Handle curve balls and unexpected questions.
•    Get valuable feedback and coaching from a former network TV producer perspective.
•    Deliver on-camera interviews with confidence and polish.
•    .....and so much more!

Contact us at 818_489_8589 for more information and ask about setting up a media training session.
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Marianne Schwab Helps You
Ace Every On-Camera & Radio Interview
If being interviewed on camera were easy, everyone would do it, right? Whether you've never been interviewed on camera in your life or if you're preparing for a media tour, the goal is to make it look easy.  Think of it this way.  Olympic figure skaters make their choreographed routines look like they rolled out of bed that morning and just started skating beautifully, but what the audience doesn't see is the hundreds of hours of practice that went into to making the three minutes on the ice seem effortless.  The good news is that it won't take you hundreds of hours to master your interviewing skills, especially if we work together.
I've coached everyone from major A-listers to sports heroes to medical doctors to prepare them for on-camera interviews.  In fact, one music icon started out as a disaster with messaging but was rocking it within hours of us working together.

Here's how I work with my clients:  I prepare you for your media interviews conducted in a studio, via satellite, or on location and for the questions you can anticipate on your TV, radio, and podcast interviews so you respond with confidence and authority.
~Marianne Schwab, Executive Producer, CMP Media Cafe
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CMP Media Cafe's Executive Producer, Marianne Schwab, is a Former Network TV Producer and the author of The Insider's Guide to Media Training where she shares her behind the scenes secrets to help celebrities, book authors, chefs, doctors, business executives, bloggers, speakers, small business owners, and experts in all specialties with tips to ace their on-camera interviews and radio appearances.   Thousands of interviews promoting a wide range of messages have been booked on local and national TV and radio shows using her broadcast content creation techniques.
"Publicity is absolutely critical.
A good PR story is infinitely more effective than a front page ad."
~ Richard Branson ~
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