It's Time to stop Dreaming!
Let's Make this TV Thing happen!
If you're an entrepreneur or expert in your professional area and ready to become a recognized thought leader, let me help you go from obscurity to high visibility. It all starts with building your authority and credibility with TV interviews that showcase your expertise.

With a 15-Minute "Get on TV" Discovery Call, I want to learn about you and your story and we'll determine if we can work together so I can get you booked on TV with an irresistible media hook to promote you and your business.

I'm really looking forward to connecting with you!

There is no one I trust more in the industry than Marianne Schwab.  Her commitment to delivering exceptional results for clients through laser point attention to detail in all aspects from set design to bookings while making certain the messages are on point make her my favorite go to company."
"Marianne Schwab rocks! Her goal is to make you look great on TV interviews and she helped me tweak my on-camera delivery to the level of excellence that is important to me.   She also gave me a copy of her book that included tips on how to ace on-camera interviews and I couldn't put it down."
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