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An audio news release (ANR) (sometimes called a Radio News Release, or RNR) is a 60-second radio news story package about your product, service, company or brand, that includes short sound bites from an appropriate spokesperson along with a voice over narrative.  CMP Media Cafe has extensive experience in the radio news industry and creating ANRs that resonate with your target audience in a friendly news storytelling style.

ANRs are Cost Effective.  An ANR is a very efficient and cost effective way to reach ten-to-thirty million radio listeners with your message via hundreds of radio stations and networks in a short period of time.
ANRs Guarantee the Client Controls the Message. With an ANR, the message is controlled by the client.  The most effective ANRs are developed with newsworthy angles that funnel your message into a concise, focused :60 story.  We will work with you to develop your newsworthy story angle that includes a call to action, and then we will write, record, produce and get your Audio News Release with your message to your target audience.
ANR Distribution Packages Can Guarantee Reaching Millions of Radio Listeners.  We have customized and targeted ANR distribution packages to get your story on national radio networks across the country.  Our targeted audience and demographic options include financial, wellness, lifestyle, and more. Our packages can fit many budgets and fees are based on guaranteed audience impressions.
We Can Get Your Message Out Quickly. Although one to two weeks lead time is recommended, we can work with you for quick turnaround situations when necessary (about 24-48 hours).
CMP Media Cafe Audio News Release (ANR) Production & Distribution Services Include:
ANR story development based on your messaging objectives
•    Script writing
•    Complete audio production using our professional voice talent
•    High quality digital recording and editing systems
•    Recording with spokesperson or influencer soundbites via phone line
•    Options for customized distribution packages based on guaranteed audience impressions
•    100% follow-up and verification
•    Selected airchecks from broadcast
•    Detailed broadcast usage report
CMP Media Cafe ANR Guarantees
•    Guaranteed Impressions in the Millions.
•    Specific and Measurable Results.
•    An Unaltered Message On Air.

Get Started. Contact us today at 213-986-8070 or use our contact form.
The Perfect Radio Combo Package.  Where ANRs help you reach a massive guaranteed audience, you can gain a trusted connection with your audience through local radio markets and one-on-one interviews using Radio Media Tours (RMTs). Radio audiences love their local drive time hosts and you can leverage that trust when your spokesperson or influencer is interviewed on their programs.  That's why an RMT/ANR Combo Package is one of the most efficient and cost effective ways to reach a massive audience and make a connection with your message that gets results.  local, national, and syndicated radio talk show hosts will help you connect with your audience.

Visual Audio News Release (V-ANR) Option
We can help you extend the life of your ANR and leverage your story angle and message by creating a visual video version of your audio message that is perfect for social sharing and generating more awareness and engagement with your target audience. CMP Media Cafe can transform your ANR into a Visual Audio News Release, or V-ANR, using still visuals and captioning to make your audio story take on new life that will tell your story to a whole new audience across various social channels. V-ANR not only extends the life of content, but also drives increases in value, engagement and brand awareness in the digital and social space.

Our V-ANR Package Includes:
•    Consultation on storyboarding elements (to turn your audio story into a visual package)
•    Editing of V-ANR audio with visual assets

Contact us at 213-986-8070 for more information and ask about our RMT/ANR Packages.
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Need Help Developing a Media Angle That Gets Results?  I'd love for you to book a 30-Minute Broadcast Services Strategy Session for your SMT, RMT, ANR, or Video Project with me, Marianne Schwab, a Former Network TV Producer So You Can Get Get a Blueprint for Your P.R. Campaign.
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CMP Media Cafe's Executive Producer, Marianne Schwab, is a Former Network TV Producer and the author of The Insider's Guide to Media Training where she shares her behind the scenes secrets to help celebrities, book authors, chefs, doctors, business executives, bloggers, speakers, small business owners, and experts in all specialties with tips to ace their on-camera interviews and radio appearances.   Thousands of interviews promoting a wide range of messages have been booked on local and national TV and radio shows using her broadcast content creation techniques.
"Publicity is absolutely critical.
A good PR story is infinitely more effective than a front page ad."
~ Richard Branson ~
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