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Radio is certainly not dead. In fact, there are 244 million weekly radio listeners stuck in the morning or evening commute and times in between and that makes Radio Media Tours, or RMTs, a powerful and cost-effective way to reach a targeted audience with your media message.

RMTs work similar to Satellite Media Tours and CMP Media Cafe books a series of 8-22 pre-booked, back-to-back interviews between your spokesperson and top market radio stations during their morning drive time talk format programs.
Each radio interview runs five-to-eight minutes and is conducted over the phone so there is a lot of flexibility to the location of your spokesperson as  long as a quiet room is available.   Our experienced Radio Media Tours producers will coordinate the RMT to help everything run smoothly and the client can listen in and offer feedback between interviews to the producer and spokesperson. 
Full Radio Media Tour Production and Reporting Service.  RMTs are a very effective way to get your book, product, or service featured on radio and viewers love their local radio personalities and trust them so your radio interview is well received.   We work with you to develop key messages and create an effective media alert on your news, entertainment, or feature story to reach your targeted audience.  We then book a full schedule of radio interviews providing complete RMT production services on the day of the tour.  Finally, it's all about the audience reach results and we provide comprehensive broadcast reports with verified audience numbers, using industry standard reporting tools and methodology including a final report detailing all the stations which aired the interviews.
Our Radio Media Tour services includes:
•   Developing a media advisory with a news hook that cuts through the clutter
•   Drafting a suggested message point script for your spokesperson to maximize airtime and focus the message
•   Providing the suggested script questions for radio stations to guide the interview
•   Targeting your customized priority radio markets and networks
•   Personal pitching to stations with
•   All teleconferencing costs
•   Producing and moderating all interviews
•   Digital mp3 File of RMT Interviews (History)
•   Private page online posting
•   100% follow-up with participating outlets
•   Final broadcast usage report
•   Selected Airchecks (where available)
Customized Market Targeting.  Radio Media Tours can target specific geographic regions, select radio formats, or a large national audience. Our RMT success lies in our media contacts and we work with you to determine your strategic and priorty markets so that the tour is aligned with your media campaign objectives.  Our contact database includes more than 13,000 radio stations and a wide variety of national networks.   The CMP Media Cafe seasoned media team has solid relatonships at radio stations across the country and are on a first-name basis with radio station news directors and producers, get your pitch in front of decision makers, and get your interview on the air. 
Guaranteed Audience Reach.  The bottom line is all about audience reach and each CMP Media Cafe RMT guarantees a minimum 4.5 million audience impressions with most tours exceeding 5 million.
The Right Storytelling Angle is Everything. CMP Media Cafe specializes in working with our clients to develop the right newsworthy storytelling angle for your RMT story or corporate message and we know how to cut through the clutter and get your spokesperson interviews.   We also customize your RMT news hooks and interviews for local radio markets since stations love a localized angle.
Who You Should Use as a Spokesperson. Just like satellite media tours, Radio Media Tours can involve a celebrity spokesperson or appropriate industry expert for your topic to promote your product, event, book and more. RMTs only require a 2-4 hour block of time and they are convenient for your spokesperson since they can call in from their home, office, or anywhere in the world making it easy to organize logistics around complicated schedules since no travel is involved.  The spokesperson you choose for the SMT must be "bookable" with stations and have media experience or be open to media training to prepare them for the RMT.  Your ideal brand ambassador should be either:
•    a nationally recognized celebrity or influencer.
•    an authority on the topic of your story angle.
•    an expert in the industry.
•    a person who has had a personal experience with the product or service.
Media Training Ensures Your RMT is a Home Run. We also provide RMT media training from a former network television producer so your selected spokesperson is completely prepared and mediagenic for the tour (additional fees apply). Depending on the spokesperson’s media experience, media training may be absolutely essential for a successful satellite media tour.

If your company is investing a significant budget for a public relations campaign into a radio media tour, but fails to budget for professionally media training your on-camera spokesperson, your brand could be damaged and your investment wasted.
A Two-to-Four-Hour Radio Media Tour is the Industry Standard.  RMTs are typically scheduled for a two-to-four-hour window in order to maximize media interviews and exposure. Your spokesperson and/or influencer can visit 8-to-22 cities across the country in a matter of hours and this gives your company immediate access to a radio audience in your target markets with your message.   We offer several standard radio media tour options to accommodate your schedule and budget:
•   2 Hours: 8-10 Interviews
•   3 Hours: 12-16 Interviews
•   4 Hours: 18-22 Interviews
Radio Media Tour companies are not all the same and CMP Media Cafe takes the time to listen to you to help you develop the most effective way to deliver your message to your audience, achieve your public relations goals, and within your budget parameters to determine what is needed to maximize the success of your SMT.
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Need Help Developing a Media Angle That Gets Results?  I'd love for you to book a 30-Minute Broadcast Services Strategy Session for your SMT, RMT, ANR, or Video Project with me, Marianne Schwab, a Former Network TV Producer So You Can Get Get a Blueprint for Your P.R. Campaign.
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CMP Media Cafe's Executive Producer, Marianne Schwab, is a Former Network TV Producer and the author of The Insider's Guide to Media Training where she shares her behind the scenes secrets to help celebrities, book authors, chefs, doctors, business executives, bloggers, speakers, small business owners, and experts in all specialties with tips to ace their on-camera interviews and radio appearances.   Thousands of interviews promoting a wide range of messages have been booked on local and national TV and radio shows using her broadcast content creation techniques.
"Publicity is absolutely critical.
A good PR story is infinitely more effective than a front page ad."
~ Richard Branson ~
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