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We Get You On-the-Air in Top 50 TV Markets including:
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Reach an Audience of Ten Million Plus!
CMP Media Café produces an exciting broadcast content schedule of Co-Op SMT events designed and developed to showcase a variety of products in an editorial segment for leading local news programs and TV lifestyle shows.

We provide stations regular newsworthy topics with recognizable talent featuring; Travel & Lifestyle Expert, Emily Kaufman; and other media savvy experts covering topics like heath, nutrition, travel, tech, beauty and fashion, personal finance, medicine, pets, and other industry specialties.
Co-Op Satellite Media Tours, also known as Co-Op SMT’s, work similar to single client Satellite Media Tours. They are the most timely, efficient and cost-effective way to get your message on-the-air and provide a unique way to present your product or message in a balanced, informative editorial feature. The CMP Media Café Co-Op SMT offers viewers valuable lifestyle and consumer tips while seamlessly integrating your product or service into the story angle with our special brand of infotainment. By combining two-to-three (sometimes four) non-competing products and services into a single segment, the Co-Op SMT costs a fraction of what it would cost to produce a single product SMT since the budget of the tour is distributed among the participating clients.
Key Benefit #1:   Top TV Markets. We specialize in Top TV Market Co-Op Satellite Media Tours. We know our clients want to get on-the-air in TV markets like Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Tampa, Phoenix, Cleveland and more because these top TV markets are meaningful to you.

If you are tired of getting the bottom of the barrel when it comes to television markets with Co-Op Satelite Media Tours that have more radio interviews than TV, then you need to talk to us about your next product feature. Co-Op SMTs are still one of the best ways to get your product, brand or service on-the-air and in-the-news and we'll get you in those coveted top TV markets.
Key Benefit #2:   Most Projects Limited to Four Clients or Less. It's sad, but true. We see other companies that produce Co-Op SMTs crowd as many products into a segment as they can and that's simply not effective for so many reasons. First, when clients come to us they have a fear that they're product feature will not make it on-the-air because the spokesperson will get cut off before they get to their product. That should never be a concern for our clients since we initiated a maximum number of four clients for each project back in 2008. Second, from a viewer stand point, how will your product stand out when it's grouped in with five to nine other products? Three to four client participants is an ideal number for a balanced feature and a segment where viewers will remember your product and key messages. Our travel Co-Op SMTs are limited to three clients and our Lifestyle and Tech Co-Op SMTs are limited to no more than four client participants
Key Benefit #3:   We Greenlight Co-Op SMTs with a Minimum of Two Client Commitments. At CMP Media Cafe, we've structured our client participation fees so that we can give our clients the Co-Op SMT they want to particpate in with a minimum two client commitment which has led to 95% of our projects being greenlighted. Our Executive Producer is a seasoned former network television professional with extensive experience in this format who will be dedicated to every detail of your project.
Key Benefit #4:   We Do All the Work so All You Have To Do is Executive Produce. We want to make your life easy so we take care of all the details from start to finish producing every aspect of the Co-Op SMT. You don’t have to develop a newsworthy event to generate television placement – we do it for you. We handle every creative production detail including segment development, writing the script, media training the spokesperson, scheduling rehearsals, designing sets, studio demo tables, and arranging for all additional props (excluding client props)
Key Benefit #5:   Virtual Green Room. We are living in a digital world so there is no need to incur the added expense of airfare, hotel, and other travel expenses to supervise your client participation in a Co-Op Satellite Media Tour. We provide a virtual green room so that you can participate in the SMT from your laptop. You can contact us in the control room and via email with feedback so that we can tweak a shot or spokesperson messaging in real time.
Summary of Key Benefits:
• Top TV Markets
• Each Co-Op SMT limited to no more than four client participants.
• Each Co-Op SMT needs a minimum of just two client participants to greenlight production.
• Competitive Pricing (available on request).
• Editing of existing b-roll included and very competitive pricing available for b-roll production.
• Guaranteed 12 million plus impresssions including placements on Coffee with America OR Daily Flash (Minimum 1.4 million viewers guaranteed), NewsWatch (3.3 million viewers guaranteed), National Radio Ron Seggi Today (guaranteed two million listeners on USA Radio, CRN & Armed Forces Network) & ANR Production/Distribution (three million listeners guaranteed).
• Virtual Green Room so you can watch a live webcast of the touron your computer
• Dedicated Website for SMT Featured Products at
CMP Media Cafe hires and supervises all technical and creative personnel, studio or remote production, complete station booking, satellite feeds, and the spokesperson fee. After the tour, clients are provided with monitoring reports detailing the number of viewers the tour reached and a digital airchecks of approximately ten select broadcastinterviews. Our flat fee for participation is inclusive with no hidden charges and we limit all Co-Op SMTs to only four client participants.

Contact us at 213-986-8070 to request representative reports and digital links to projects.
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CMP Media Cafe's Executive Producer, Marianne Schwab, is a Former Network TV Producer and the author of The Insider's Guide to Media Training where she shares her behind the scenes secrets to help celebrities, book authors, chefs, doctors, business executives, bloggers, speakers, small business owners, and experts in all specialties with tips to ace their on-camera interviews and radio appearances.   Thousands of interviews promoting a wide range of messages have been booked on local and national TV and radio shows using her broadcast content creation techniques.
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A good PR story is infinitely more effective than a front page ad."
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